How to configure WiFi Router?

WiFi router
After successful publication of "How to configure a DSL Router?". We have received a lot of requests that How to configure a WiFi Router? So after doing research we are  here to share with you that how to solve this issue.

Let’s start how to do this, First you must have access to your WiFi Router. For which you must know the Interface IP and Password of the Router. To find this follow these steps:
Click startRun> Type CMD> Then type IPCONFIG and hit Enter.

Next Open a browser and in Address bar type the Default Gateway and hit Enter. After it a small window will open that will ask you about the Username and Password. Mostly Username and Password are different for different Routers. To view list of few Routers with Access Passwords click here:

When you get access to the interface of the Router, Then simply go to the Wireless Panel in the menu. Here you will have two Options:
  1. Network Name/SSID: This is the name of Wireless Network with which you have to connect. 
  2. Share Key: This is your default security key which you will select for your WiFi Protection. 
You can Enter your Security in two ways one is HEXADECIMAL and Other is ASCII. In ASCII you can enter any alphabet along with your numeric combination. In HEXADECIMAL you can only enter alphabet from A-F and Numbers 0-9. 

Also Another option there that key should have 64bit or 128bits size. It means that in 64bits you can only enter 6 characters and in 124bits you can add from 8-16 characters in length for you WiFi security key. After doing all this simply save all the settings and reboot your router. 

NOTE: Remember You must have to do these Settings using LAN Wire. 



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