How to open password protect files in winrar?

Open Protected files in Winrar

You might have facing the problem like how to open password protected winrar files. Suppose you download a movie or something else by torrent or rapidshare and try to open it. Then a message written ‘Enter password for the encrypted rar file’ possibly shocks you. In this situation, if you have RAR Password Unlocker it will be easy for you to solve the problem. RAR Password Unlocker 3.2 is design to crack the lost password of your winrar or rar file. RAR Password Unlocker supports all versions of the winrar or rar archive. RAR Password Unlocker can recover any password no matter how long and how complex it is. Enhanced by brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack, dictionary attack it works effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the tool is too easy to use that even a novice user can do it.   

Systematic process of open password protected winrar files:

Please follow the instruction given below to recover winrar password easily by RAR Password Unlocker 3.2.

  • Firstly, open RAR Password Unlocker. Go to file and click open or click on the browse button as you see in the image below. 

  • Select the rar or winrar file from your computer that you want to retrieve password. After selection, click Open button.
  • Select brute-force attack (trying all possible combinations).
  • Now click start button to initiate the program.
  • The program is processing to retrieve the password. After sometime a message box pops up to you displaying the expected password to you. Now click ok. 

I can also recommend you some software product that can help you to recover lost password. Some of these products are free and some you have to buy. The prices of the product varied according to their effectiveness. The free trial version can retrieve up to three-character length password. Therefore, if you have a longer password to retrieve then you have to buy the software.

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there is a rar file in a rar file that is password protected could it crack it

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