Access Facebook When it is Blocked.

Facebook get Blocked

You may agree with me that Facebook is now become a daily need for its wide connectivity. However, in some circumstances it blocked by the higher authority to ensure professional working environment in corporate house, school, office, educational institute and so on. So, if you are in this type of situation don’t be tensed. Now we are going to describe some easy and convenient way to access Facebook when it is blocked.


Access Facebook with a secure web proxy

Using proxy server could be the best possible solution to access Facebook when it is blocked. Among various web proxy sites, one we found at Securitales was the best. Because installation is not required for this server and it support almost all Facebook activities. It is secure enough and all the traffics are HTTP so everything encrypted here. It has a ten minutes free trial and the price is not so high.

Access Facebook using IP address

There are another easy option to access Facebook is using IP address. To do so follow the steps given below:
  • Go to ‘start’ menu and click ‘Run’
  • Type ‘cmd’ and click OK button
  •   In command prompt window type ‘ping‘ 

You will see that IP address of Facebook appear soon. Now enter the IP address in your address bar and click enter. If you are lucky, Facebook may open.
Note: If you are not allowed to access administrative area of the computer or unable to open command prompt then try to find IP address of facebook with this online tool. 

Access Facebook with Opera Mini browser:

Another way to access Facebook is web version of Opera Mini browser.  Just open Opera mini demo link in your browser and you can access Facebook. 

Opera Mini generally used to surf web from mobile and a great way to access blocked website. If you want to use mobile version of Opera Mini, just go to link.

OpenDNS method:

Using openDNS server could be a possible solution to access Facebook. Routers block some DNS request from all except few IPs. If you can change the machine’s DNS server to openDNS, it may work. If you want to know more about OpenDNS server click here
Hope you will find your suitable option here to access blocked Facebook. If you have any better idea, how to access blocked Facebook, you may write it in your comment.

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