Affogato App for Iphone | The Cool New App for Coffee Lovers.

AffogatoNobody enjoys feeling like a fool, especially when it's in public. Whether it's not being able to find the right socket to tighten the chair leg, or not knowing what all the different coffee variations are. There's nothing more embarrassing than looking at the employee on the other side of the counter when they advertise for their new Vacuum Brew. Thankfully, the kind folks at Apple have developed an application for the coffee novice.

The new Affogato App is the hand held dictionary for coffee lovers everywhere. The features range from how to brew coffee, to an encyclopedia of all things coffee based. So even if this app searching a Smartphone for one part’s name or the other, the user will never felt let down when they shop for coffee anymore as they are hip to the lingo. For example, affogato means ‘floating shot.” 

Affogato has four basic sections, and these entries include detailed descriptions ranging from where it originated from; to the basic ingredient list. For such a simple application, there is a lot of detail placed into the app. All of the words are well bolded and large enough to read without the usage of reading glasses (basic ones, at least). Within the encyclopedia section of the application, Affogato lists every style of coffee that is currently known to baristas.

The first section that is dedicated to strictly coffee chatter, is like an urban dictionary for coffee lovers. To go along with some of these long, almost alien-like coffee terms, the app includes a voiced pronouncing section that helps one learn the coffee language easier. This is great for coffee goers that like to drink at the fancier coffee shops. 

The second function, also known as “Make-It-Yourself” section has very nicely detailed illustrations for those coffee drinkers that enjoy making their own cup of Joe. For something as small as a Smartphone, one would think there would be trouble with seeing details. But we were very pleased to find out how wrong we were. There are no added buttons or added photos. Everything that comes with the app will be all the user gets.

This third section will have anyone, whether or not one is a coffee Guru, or a novice in all things coffee, making coffee that can out-rock Starbucks. For a 99¢ app, it really pays for itself in the long run, especially for those who prefer fresh coffee over store bought. This app also gives house warming parties or just get-togethers in general a nice twist, especially when one comes out carrying a tray of fresh, hot French Press or Latte.

So whether one is a coffee aficionado or not, the new Affogato app from Apple is perfect for anyone with an interest in coffee. With the ability to save money, and have a great cup of coffee, Affogato will please any coffee lover. It's simple and easy to read, making this application one of the best laid out apps for coffee to date.  


Jeff Goins said...

Goodness – a Daily Apps list without a single game or social app. Is this a first?

Aleena jones said...

OMG! Affogato!

I really love this application and I use it every day. Its really good. MUST BUY FOR ALL COFFEE LOVERS!

And Commit, What an app! Another must buy!!

Clayton Bryan said...

Holy mackerel, Affogato is friggin’ awesome!

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