IPAD 2 Car Holder | Review and Specifications.

Ipad 2 Car HolderThe IPAD 2 car holder in cars is getting rave reviews across the internet. This aluminum core gooseneck type of holder looks awkward at first, but it’s very durable and of the hardest quality plastic.  The accolades are coming in it seems a lot of bang for your buck. The short gooseneck fits perfectly flush with your windshield of car. A phone is within hands grasp for convenience.


The suction pad is unique as it adheres to the desk in addition to the windshield. A sleek phone holder holds phones and is equipped with a camera, speaker cut offs, and flash. A very elegant clip is there, so be forewarned it can break. A small and tidy charger allows for drivers access to the other parts of the dashboard without being in harm’s way. A new addition is the bright white HTC lights illuminating the cabin from the cigarette accessory. A functionally mid-sized USB cable in located between the drivers and passenger seats containing the 12v socket.  This is placed there to not hinder the suction pads that should be located in the windshield’s center. A 6.2” high definition touch screen contains the WinCE 5.0 GPS and DVD players quite nicely. 


The ipad 2 holder in Skoda Octavia is truly mesmerizing and it is the only model to have the DVD expansion option with built in amplifiers with 4 channel audio and equalizers designed for all music types. 3 languages are currently included: Chinese, English, and French.

ipad 2 holder in Skoda OctaviaThis car holder provides one stop mounting solutions, which in turn provides hands free viewing of apple ipad. It also keeps your kids entertained and amused also it is a no nonsense apparatus for long time travelling. Criticism is that the instructions are not in the box, and it only functions with the older styled case similar to the Apple iPod. It a simplistic design with straps and hooks on the front face. Customers have been warned not to let the hooks dog into the iPad as it can damage the screen. If properly installed, it should last quite a while. The leather car holder is a good option for new owners. Having the case properly installed was high on the priorities list when this was made.

Improvements that can be done

 SNUG makes a leather case that is popular with this design. Some may prefer it due to the magnets holding the flap closed, opposed to the Velcro flap. A digital case is good and easy to open, even for a child‘s hands. Price points were an overall good indication that Skoda is on the right track. Two improvements mentioned by customers were the headrests tit and disagreeable tilt with simple driving it can bounce downwards.
 There are only a few options in the functions of the iPad, so it is a patient process that customers are willing to wait on.


PixMan said...

I am not sure this is needed if you have a iPod car charger. Am I mistaken that the iPad takes 12 VDC directly and all the adapter does is adapt from the lighter plug to the dock connector?

If that is correct, any car battery should have the amperage to charge the iPad so the only issue would be wire gauge.

Does anyone know for sure??

Muhammad Usman said...


input on iPad (and other iPhone/iPod Touch type devices) is 5 Volts, so the powerjolt converts from 12V to 5V (and has to be able to handle the necessary Amps)

Jeff Goins said...

Very cool, although I'm way too paranoid to have to leave my iPad in my car as I would a Garmin.

alfred said...

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