YouTube| Few tips for Beginners.

YouTube is one of the most widespread websites which deals with the matter of uploading exclusive videos. Suppose you are a new one at YouTube. You don’t know the criteria of using YouTube clearly. Then check the YouTube| Purpose and Features. So, here we go.

At first log in to your YouTube account. After log in, you will see a search box at the top side of the page (shown at the image upwards). Search for the thing you like. It will give you the result which will contain all the videos tagged with that keyword. Choose any video from the list that appeared. Then, the landing page will be like following:
Suppose you have got a YouTube account and you want to being updated with the latest exclusive videos. But, you don’t know how to do this. Don’t worry. Following passage will help you about this feature:
At the top of the page just under the title of the video there are two gadgets. One of them is showing the number of videos available at that network and the other is a button labeled as ‘Subscribe’. Press this button. A square box will appear just under it. If you choose the ‘update’ option and give a tick to the box labeled that “keep me notified with new uploads”, then, you will be notified whenever any new video will be uploaded you will be notified with your Email account which you have used to keep you registered with YouTube. Through this way you will be able to being updated with YouTube.

Now beginners following passages are meant for you:

Look at the picture upwards. There are some buttons just at the upper side and the lower side of the video screen. The function of subscribe button has been described already. Now, come to the buttons at the lower side of the screen. The upper thumb sign denotes ‘like’ the video and the lower thumb denotes ‘unlike’ the video. The button ‘add to’ denotes to add the video at your archive. ‘Share’ button is for if you want to share any video. 

Now come to the video screen just below the navigation slider there appears two time trackers. Second one of them will show the actual length of the video while the first one will show the time elapsed. 

The thumbnail pictures at the right side will show you the video available within the network. You are also allowed to post a comment to encourage or, discourage the video. You are also allowed to download video from YouTube. Google has chalked out special add-ons for them. Through these add-ons you can download video as the speed and format you want. If you got a Firefox browser then you may use download helper as a downloading add-on.

YouTube is really an amazing website. The beginners may feel some problems at first but will be habituated after browsing a while. I hope this article will be very helpful for you and will solve the problems you face while using YouTube.


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