How To Make Money With A Blog?

Make Money Online
Hey Folks! Blogs are not just a way to express your feelings but also a way to make money while you are online. Today blogging is multi billion dollar industry with daily new online companies joining in. According to a rough estimate about 200,000 bloggers are daily added to the World Wide Web. So blogging can be a great career for you because it can pay for your entire life. In blogging you write and communicate with your audiences in very informal manner. 

Hence you can write freely what ever comes to your mind. Moreover in these days where jobs are shrinking and people are finding hard to make their living blogging can be a serious choice as a career.

Through Affiliate Programs

Online Affiliate Programs now adays provide you an opportunity to earn through blogs. In it simply you have to advertise their products . In return, They will provide you a comission on each sale out. You can search about the sites that provide affiliate and popular among them are and Simple thing in it you have to choose products that relate to your blog and advertise them on your blog and whenver some one go through that they will provide you commision.

Through Advertisement

Most common and popular method to earn through blog is advertising on blog through advertising companies like Google adsense, Chitika and Adbrite. By this you simple have to create an account on these sites and get your account approved. When they approve you then you can get your advertising code. Place that code on your blog now whenever some one clicks on those ads then you will get a commision in reward. Few points to remember are that you cannot make any fraud or fake clicks in it. Beacase as you do that they will ban you and cancel your membership.

These are the few Basic tips through which you can earn with a blog. To get free blog you can use Wordpress or Blogger. 


Anonymous said...

This post is interesting. If you need to make money faster you can also try this :

MF Administrator said...

I agree however for google adsense to work with your website you would definitely need a website with unique content for a better SEO. I have worked for a Forex forum in the past and yes I also had adsense integrated within the forum. The method I used to drive traffic was basic which was link building and thereby generating organic traffic through search engines.

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